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Our tax lawyers have a comprehensive quantity of experience in regard to tax compliance, best practices and the procedure of helping individuals and entities who want to willingly disclose offshore bank accounts. These cases can be really intricate and can result in extreme effects if handled incorrectly.

Why You May Require Attorney Representation

The IRS has continued to become more and more aggressive in cracking down on those who have not reported their overseas accounts. It needs to also be understood that as of 2015 foreign banks will be needed by law to report any and all U.S. account holders, which represents that time might be going out for those who need to come into tax compliance through the voluntary disclosure program used by the government. When this takes place, the federal government will be far less lenient.

Failure to get amnesty under the program can mean much greater charges and be criminal charges that result in prison time. As a client of our company, you can have self-confidence that someone with experience and shown outcomes is fighting for the best possible result in your case.

Start the procedure of putting this situation behind you– call us today and schedule your free assessment to go over the very best course forward in your case.

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