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Catch Up With Filing Your Tax Returns

Taxpayers who fail to file income tax returns and who stop paying their income tax are considered by the IRS a serious threat to the tax administration and the American economy. The purpose of the IRS is not only to enforce the tax laws, but also act as an outreach and a source of education to the American people.

As much as the IRS tries to work with people and their various situations regarding their non-filing status and non-payment, there are those who simply do not respond to these outreach efforts and out right refuse to comply with the law. It is to those individuals, who deliberately fail to comply with their obligation to file required tax returns and pay any taxes due and owing, that IRS Criminal Investigation devotes its investigative resources. In the most flagrant cases, criminal prosecution is recommended to the United States Attorney’s office.


What to Do If You Have Not Filed Back Returns

If you have not filed your past returns, the best thing is to do that right away, even if you are not able to pay your taxes, penalties, and interest at this time. This is to avoid criminal charges and/or civil charges. At this point you are going to need professional help. Tax Relief Law Center has the resources and experience necessary in order to assist you in organizing your tax documents and getting you back in compliance with the law. During this complicated process, we will work with the IRS to minimize your penalties. Let our expert team be an advocate for you.

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